Monday, March 31, 2014

9-14 / 3 / 14

Hi.  Life has veered me in a few different directions over the last few weeks.  All good, all learning and growing, always grateful.  It never stops does it?!?!

So here's a few pics from earlier in the month...


THE yummiest icecream cake, EVER!

This serves with the most divine chocolate sauce which
was just cream and melted chocolate.  OMG.

Really nice chardonnay! 
love my little Japanese cup to drink it from

paper lantern from Daiso.  yep, $2.80, and it
even comes with an led light that twinkles.  Bargain!

Have really been loving all the big chunky, rain clouds
over the last week.  and the rain that has tumbled
down from them.

March is birthday month for my 'little darlings'.
Stella 13 and Cooper 15

AND, if that's not enough, I have some really big exciting news, which I am soooo proud of.  No, nothing to do with the darlings.  I'll be back soon to share...
Hope your week is off to a happy start.
Jane x


  1. Look at that ice cream cake, yummo:) That photo of your two children is gorgeous Jane. You have me very intrigued what is this exciting big news? xx

  2. You are a tease! Love the photo of your 'babies'. Mine are a similar age, 13 and 16. Yes, rain glorious rain. We've had a lovely amount too. Hope your week is good and I'm looking forward to hearing your news. xxoo

  3. So many lovely things! Ice cream cake? YUM
    What beautiful children you have, I hope they had good birthdays.
    Can't wait to hear your intriguing news!
    love Jooles x x x

  4. The photo of your kids is amazing. They look so vibrant!
    What is the news.....???!!!!