Friday, January 31, 2014

The Sock Thief

This is our girl 'hiding' under the coffee table.
Dusty:  "they won't find me under here"
whenever a sock goes missing, we always know where to look...
Dusty:  "hey, how did you know I was under here!"
We wouldn't be without her, even at the family photo shoot!

Happy Friday friends.
Jane x

Thursday, January 30, 2014

26 - 29/1/14

Happy Australia Day

Aussie Day bunting!
Lamb on the BBQ, a coupla chardonnays, family, boules, love, happy, fun
Rememberance of treasured loved ones
Stella's chocolate brownie slice

The sewing project... complete.
More photos soon.
Dog treats.
Sweet potato wrapped with a little bit of chicken skin and slowly baked.

Chicken Pie!
You know they have enjoyed it when they say
"Mum, can we have this more often"

It's been a busy few days with back to school, work, and celebrating our wonderful country which I am so proud and grateful to call home.  I hope you've had a good week so far.
Jane x

Saturday, January 25, 2014

25th of the 1st

safe, loving, happy, home
It's all go here.  I am sewing Australia flag bunting for tomorrow, and making curtains for a few of the doorways, for cuteness!  I promise to share the results.
Jane x

Friday, January 24, 2014

20th - 24th. Hey, that's today. I've caught up!


Over the fence

I spy a plane

I hope you do

Juicy fruit!
We received fantastic rain last night.  My lemon tree loved it, and our water tank is full again.  Hope you have a happy Friday.  I'm rather excited about the long weekend ahead for Australia Day.  What are your plans?
Jane x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15th - 19th






I hope you've had reasons to smile today! 
Jane x

Monday, January 20, 2014

11th - 14th

My happy plate from one of my favourite shops...
Bed, Bath and Table.
Loving my Louise Hay 2014 desk calendar, which is
actually living in the kitchen so everyone will read it each
day and recite a positive affirmation without even planning to.
Dusty LOVES the beach.
 Look Mum... one leg!
Donna Hay's 'too easy blueberry muffins'.  I used mixed berries.
A definite crowd pleaser!
So now I am only a week away from being up to date with my photo-a-day project.  It's so nice to be back on my blog.  Thanks for visiting.  See you again tomorrow!!
Jane x

Sunday, January 19, 2014

6th - 10th

Random heart cloud

Peek a boo!

great holiday reading

favourite new cookbook
I've been watching the series on Foxtel too, love it.

Getting organized for the new year. 
Do you like my very original way of keeping my little collection of Washi tape?
A stick I picked up at the park, some ribbon looped and tacked behind the
bookshelf and then feed the stick through.  I know, you didn't realize I was this clever!!
Have a happy Sunday.  See you tomorrow!
Jane x

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Easing into 2014

It's been a slow blurry start to the new year. 

My precious Dad passed away just before Christmas.  Oh, the pain of the loss.  You will only be familiar with it if you have been there yourself.  So now the gentle task of learning to live without a parent who I held on the highest pedestal, whose love and support kept me going when I didn't think I could go anymore; whose intelligence and wisdom was sought and respected; whose love for his family was endless; whose courage and determination was inspiring.

2013 was a heck of a year for me, dealing with a job redundancy, building up my own small business, making the most of the time I had left with Dad, the emotional ups and downs would make you sea-sick!  However, I have come out the other end, stronger, braver and more determined.

To help me focus on some happy stuff, I have decided to join in the 365 photo project for myself, following my love of following Catherine's Blog at .  I may not post a photo a day, but I am determined to take a photo a day.  It's so easy, I just need to commit to it! 

Since I am starting a little late, I will play a little bit of catchup over the next few days.

I would love you to stop by long enough to leave me a comment.  

So, here we go....  1st - 5th January....

Kicking off 2014 with my very special Kikki K diary!
Sunset 1
I call this Sunset 1 because it's the first of many sunset pics
I expect to include this year.
What a view!
From my sister-in law and her husband.  Love them to bits!
One of my paper flower garlands in my window.

See you tomorrow with more lovely photos that I have snapped so far this year.

Jane x