Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

these days...

Day three of the new year, and so far so good!  A few more days to 'chill' before heading back to work next Monday.  I am still yet to have some 'Jane' time at the sales, but I tend to wait till they been going for a few weeks, then I go in for the 'take an extra 50% off the already reduced price' stands in Myers and David Jones.  Am I the only one?  Do you head to sales, what do you look for?

One of my intentions when beginning my little blog was to use it as a bit of a journal of life.  As you know, sometimes 'life' gets in the way of our best intentions.  We really are amazing beings, the way we can rebound from what 'life' can throw our way at times.  With that said, yes, there have been some biggies for me lately.  Last year, Dad (my father, my hero) had a malignant brain tumor removed.  He has endured (like so many) the intensive post operative Radium and chemo treatment, and apart from some side effects from the related medication, he has been so brave and positive.  We now await the next MRI and numerous doctors appointments, to see where he's at.  I'll be there with he and Mum that day (I wouldn't be anywhere else) as the best support I can be.

I've also been given notice on my wonderful Qld Government job, which will end in the coming months.  There are many changes taking place and unfortunately my area has been affected.  So, obviously it's time for a change for me.  That's ok.  I'm remaining positive and am 'open' to the next chapter.  Bring it on!

Here's a few photos of recent days of my life....

And that was a special afternoon with my loved ones.  Walking, talking, running with the dog, fresh air, laughter.  They are my world.

Have a happy day, whatever you are doing.  Even if you're having a tough day, always look for something positive.  It's there, waiting for you to see it.

Jane x