Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Repeat after me.....

I behave in a loving way to all people.

Happy February friends!  A bright happy morning to welcome the first day of February.  I'm so awake I even remembered to turn the page on my calendar to see what this months positive affirmation is.....  I behave in a loving way to all people.   Well, I like to think that I already do.  Perhaps I still have more lives to touch with my buzzing positive and loving energy. 

Today is the day I will rejoin the gym.  It's been about 18 months since I stopped going, just really needed a break from it, and boy oh boy, don't you notice a change when you stop doing weights and spin classes, not good!  When the keen young hip dude asks me what I want to achieve, I'm going to tell him straight, fitness, strength and a body like Sam Stosur.  Although I don't need my arms to be quite that muscley!!!!  Cheer me on friends.  The more encouragement I get, the faster I will ride and the stronger I will lift.    Ha, my 'word' for this year is 'lift'.  Little did I realise when that word announced itself to me that it could mean lift weights! 

I took my cuppa to the back stairs this morning and this is what I saw.

Don't you love my cup
it's a Rob Ryan cup, thank you very much!

Happy rainbow streamers at chook headquarters!
blue skies again, after so so much rain.
I had a pretty great January, so look out February.  Sending you happy smily face day.
Jane x