Friday, December 30, 2011

what's next?

Hello friends

Just a short note today to say hi and hope you have enjoyed some days off over the Christmas period.  I have finished reading one whole book, amazing, and have started another. I have resisted going to the post-christmas sales....... so far.

I took this photo recently because i liked the angle.  Here's to you today, hope it's a happy one.  Jane x

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy Merry Be

It's Christmas morning and I've jumped on to say Merry Christmas to you.  A day of mixed emotions as my cherished ones, who have to be shared, are not with me today.  The joy that came when they called me a little while ago and I heard their voices, so simple, so much for me. 

Always at Christmas I go into deep thought about who is missing this year, who will be alone, who will be lonely.  My heart leaps out to them. The elderly people I care for, the families whose loved ones are in a war zone today, the separated families. 

Then I think of the utter joy that comes too.  The babies having their first christmas, families re-united from all over the place.  The love of this husband of mine who only has to look sideways at me for me to know how loved I am.  My amazing family most of whom I will spend today with. 

A very special feeling of joy for our family in the Lockyer Valley, who miraculously survived the horrific torrent of water in January of this year.  As they remember those friends and neighbours lost that day, we are so grateful that we still have each and every one of them, including the Pug dog!

Call me a crazy woman (as my sister-in-law actually did!), but I baubled the front garden.  More joy, as I look out the windows and see these little rays of Christmas bobbing around in the trees!

I'm sending love to you and as far and wide as it will reach today.  Merry Christmas!

Jane x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday night at home...

Hello lovely friends
It's been a busy week here with school finishing, already, was that a whole year that we've just had?  I managed to fit in a little Ikea fix yesterday.  It was the first time in my life that I have gone by myself, that is, without anyone asking 'when are we leaving?'  Is that all too familiar?  I saw so much good 'stuff' and found a 'task' lamp which now allows me to keep on creating into the night!

I hope you are soaking up the weekend for all it's worth.  I've got some time to myself this weekend, so what's a girl with creative urges to do?  Create of course.  Here's what i've been up to.

I've dug out another of the ever beautiful cards from Barking Mad, artist Crispin Korschen.  This one is titled 'listening to the quiet'.  I had to have this card when I saw it because we have two red chairs in our sitting room, where I like to go for some 'quiet'.  It's also where my husband and I like to drink tea.  This finished little masterpiece will grace one of the walls in our sitting room. 

Did you see the video I managed to upload a few months ago by Katherine Center?  I love it to pieces and have been meaning to read one of Katherine's novels.  I'll try and be tricky and include the video again in case you haven't seen it. Get a tissue!

Finally got her first one 'The Bright Side of Disaster' at the library the other night. 

Nothing beats a beautiful leaf for a bookmark!
I'm catching up with some 'old' school friends tomorrow, most of whom I haven't seen since I was 15!  Do you think they will still like me?  I'm not the skinny sporty one anymore!   So much life has been experienced in the 27 years inbetween.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I had intended to do a Wordless Wednesday, but that was yesterday and it didn't happen.  So now I'm thankful that it's Thursday, I've finished work for the week and I can focus on some other exciting creative things!! 

Today we've had some much needed rain, for which I'm thankful.  So is my garden.  As I looked out the window before I noticed there is a lot of pink flowers in bloom.  How delightful!  You deserve to share in this.

This stunning pic of my Buddha holding the pink rose quartz
is to get you to take a deep breath and relax.
My Fragrant Plum rose, smiling through the raindrops
Minature roses bustling to be in the front
A self-seeded Zinnia putting it out there with help
from the little yellow flowers in its centre!
The Butterfly bush looking a bit wild and free.
species unknown, possibly from the sage family.
nevertheless, very sweet.
Thanks for all of the lovely comments about my last post.  In case you are wondering, i didn't have the baby!  Been there and done that, twice in fact!  I'm definitely done.

I hope your day has been a happy one.
Jane x