Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday night at home...

Hello lovely friends
It's been a busy week here with school finishing, already, was that a whole year that we've just had?  I managed to fit in a little Ikea fix yesterday.  It was the first time in my life that I have gone by myself, that is, without anyone asking 'when are we leaving?'  Is that all too familiar?  I saw so much good 'stuff' and found a 'task' lamp which now allows me to keep on creating into the night!

I hope you are soaking up the weekend for all it's worth.  I've got some time to myself this weekend, so what's a girl with creative urges to do?  Create of course.  Here's what i've been up to.

I've dug out another of the ever beautiful cards from Barking Mad, artist Crispin Korschen.  This one is titled 'listening to the quiet'.  I had to have this card when I saw it because we have two red chairs in our sitting room, where I like to go for some 'quiet'.  It's also where my husband and I like to drink tea.  This finished little masterpiece will grace one of the walls in our sitting room. 

Did you see the video I managed to upload a few months ago by Katherine Center?  I love it to pieces and have been meaning to read one of Katherine's novels.  I'll try and be tricky and include the video again in case you haven't seen it. Get a tissue!

Finally got her first one 'The Bright Side of Disaster' at the library the other night. 

Nothing beats a beautiful leaf for a bookmark!
I'm catching up with some 'old' school friends tomorrow, most of whom I haven't seen since I was 15!  Do you think they will still like me?  I'm not the skinny sporty one anymore!   So much life has been experienced in the 27 years inbetween.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That piece of artwork will go perfectly in your sitting room where you and your hubby sit together. It sounds like a lovely space the two of you share. I hope that your catch up with old school friends went well today and the rain held off. They well love you. x

  2. i hope your reunion went well!!! i'm off to the city for my big ikea fix next week, oh yes and christmas with my family. that too!!

    rachel xo

  3. Jane..that is such a moving video...and so very true. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello I hope you come visit again soon.

    Anna ; ) x

  4. Yes, this year has definitely flown by! I am hoping to get up to Ikea some time in the New Year as there's a few things I've seen advertised I'd like to check out - it's always fun having a wander around there. Looks like you've been having some nice time creating and crafting.

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving me kind comments xx