Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love this!

Hello friends

It's an overcast, 'trying to rain' morning here.  How is it where you are today?

This is one of my favourite things in my house.  It's a gift card which I was moved by some years ago.  I painted a canvas and stuck it on.  It takes pride of place on the lamp table beside my lounge chair.  What do you think? 

In case you can't read all the words clearly, it says..

Do not believe, just because wise men say so.
Do not believe, just because it has always been that way.
Do not believe, just because others may believe so.
Examine and - experience yourself.

Kalama Sutra
The Buddha.
Everyone's life experience will differ for so many reasons.  Yes, sometimes we do need to 'go with' the way it is.  But doesn't it make our life's work more interesting when, despite what anyone else says, we take the time to find out and experience things for ourselves.  Jane x

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree

Hello friends.
I'm delighted to be making so many new bloggyfriends.  Thank you for your observations and comments.
This is one of those times in my life when my blog name is apt.  Journey to the edge of Jane.  There are numerous challenges being thrown my way currently.  What do i do?  I remember my personal mantra "The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree".  I saw Diane Sawyer a number of years ago on Oprah and she used this quote.  Well, that was my 'ah-ha moment'.  i don't know if it was her own quote or someone else's, but it taught me a valuable lesson in life which i carry with me.
I was happily overwhelmed by how much everyone loved my little blue teapot.  I don't use it every day, but it is always close by.  It is very old and special to me.  I have a very cute, 1 cup little pot, which is getting lots of use at the moment.  Take a look.

Isn't it sweet?  The lavender is real too, from my garden. 
Looks like the moon in the background, but it's my dining room light. 
 My latest trick with this little teapot is to put a generous spoonful of recently discovered organic chai tea.

100% organic, 100% caffeine free (they use rooibos tea), 100% divine.
I make a strong little brew of this chai, and keep it on the kitchen bench as a 'base' for a few cups of tea.  Sometimes i just add boiling water to my cup, other times i heat some milk for a chai latte of sorts.  The big difference between on of these lattes and a run-of-the-mill chai latte (from the majority of cafes) is that it is sugar free, yes, no syrup!  The fragrance and the taste is so good for my soul.  I found this particular chai at The Green Garage at Byron Bay, although if you go onto the lovechai website, there are lots of other stockists, and varieties.

I've been trying a few new recipes of late.  One from my Donna Hay, chicken pot pies.  A great hit in this house, although anything with lovely flaky pastry on top usually is!  Last week, i made Jane Kennedy's version of chicken parma.  You use almond meal to coat the chicken instead of breadcrumbs.  It was absolutely delicious, and you're not left with that feeling of, 'urgh, i've just eaten a cup of breadcrumbs with my dinner'.  Go Jane! 

I also have her first book, 'fabulous food, minus the boombah'.
I love her Spinachkopita, i could eat it with every meal.

I took this photo at Eagle Farm racecourse recently.  They have a great market there every Sunday.  (If you're a racegoer and need a fascinator to compliment your outfit, there is a lady there who has a great range.)  I wanted to capture the beauty of these gorgeous roses.  The gardeners do such a wonderful job.  It was only when i downloaded the pic that i noticed there is a "smile" on the rosebushs' face.  can you see it?  On that note, smiles to you.  I hope you have a good day and find some things to make you smile.
Jane x

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

simple things that make me feel good

As i was rushing around this morning doing dishes and tidying the kitchen, I came across a loving picture, which i turned into a photograph.  What do you think? 

I love my little blue teapot which has seen many and varied teas in it's pot.  I knew I had found the right man for me when he enjoyed sharing a pot of tea as much as i do.  The cameilia flower is from our garden, and the Donna Hay recipe book is a fairly recent purchase.  So far, the only recipe we've tried is honeycomb, which was pretty nice, but since i am suddenly conscious of my sugar intake and the need to reduce it, i won't be making honeycomb again any time soon!

Here's a few other garden pics which put me in awe of mother nature.  Such beauty.

Ornamental Kale

This salvia flower feels like velvet.  Buddha chilling.

Pansy!  Look at the depth of colour on it's dear little face.
I hope you've had a lovey day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What to do???

Hi friends
I hope you've had a lovely long weekend.  What we thought was going to be a miserable weekend weatherwise hasn't turned out too bad.  Today is glorious here.  My current dilemna....  I have one whole hour to myself before I put my "mum's taxi" hat on again and do pick-ups.  There are seedlings to be planted, a little watering to do, I've already got the washing off the clothes-line, I could read a book and sip tea (current favourite again is "arctic fire"), I could mop the floor, fuss about tidying the house before the short work week begins.   hmmmm.  As i look out the window now, i see some loose clouds cruising across the sky.  They are telling me to move, in the direction of the garden.  Ok, seedlings it is.  Silverbeet, sweet peas and a pot of spinach. 

Have a happy week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A drive in the country

Hello.  I've been a little bit inactive, blogwise, over the last few weeks.  There's been lots of lovely little goings on, I've just kept them all for myself instead of blogging them.  You must do the same sometimes?  This morning i've been downloading some pics from the camera taken over the last month.  Here are some nice ones I thought were worth sharing...

Currumbin Valley
We felt very special driving under this beautiful canopy.

Sheep art at the Tweed River Art Gallery, near Murwillumbah.
A great visit, with a lovely little cafe too.