Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A drive in the country

Hello.  I've been a little bit inactive, blogwise, over the last few weeks.  There's been lots of lovely little goings on, I've just kept them all for myself instead of blogging them.  You must do the same sometimes?  This morning i've been downloading some pics from the camera taken over the last month.  Here are some nice ones I thought were worth sharing...

Currumbin Valley
We felt very special driving under this beautiful canopy.

Sheep art at the Tweed River Art Gallery, near Murwillumbah.
A great visit, with a lovely little cafe too.


  1. A beautiful drive and photo collection. That is a magical part of the world.


  2. These photos are beautiful. What a lovely spot to visit Jane. I love being with nature. Thank you for the book recommendations too:) xo

  3. So beautiful and tranquil :)

  4. That looks like heaven to me. There's nothing like being in the country! I love your blog backgroud by the way. Rachaelxx