Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love this!

Hello friends

It's an overcast, 'trying to rain' morning here.  How is it where you are today?

This is one of my favourite things in my house.  It's a gift card which I was moved by some years ago.  I painted a canvas and stuck it on.  It takes pride of place on the lamp table beside my lounge chair.  What do you think? 

In case you can't read all the words clearly, it says..

Do not believe, just because wise men say so.
Do not believe, just because it has always been that way.
Do not believe, just because others may believe so.
Examine and - experience yourself.

Kalama Sutra
The Buddha.
Everyone's life experience will differ for so many reasons.  Yes, sometimes we do need to 'go with' the way it is.  But doesn't it make our life's work more interesting when, despite what anyone else says, we take the time to find out and experience things for ourselves.  Jane x


  1. lovely words! i guess we can only learn through experience. i'm realising that with my older kids. you have to let them make mistakes to learn.
    cheryl x

  2. They are very wise words. You are right sometimes we just have to experience for ourselves thing because for all of us we learn things differently. These words I need to take on board when it comes to my girls, it's hard to watch sometimes though it is the only way for them to truly learn and understand. xo

  3. Couldn't agree more Jane. xx We all have our stuff don't we.. x But I do believe whatever it is.. It makes us wiser!

    Have a great weekend. x