Thursday, July 7, 2011

A quick hello

Hi friends
I've been on holidays at the Gold Coast (again!), it's been tough watching the sun rise each morning, walking on the beach, digging for pippies, spending quality time with my parents, grandad teaching youngsters how to fish, but I got through it!  I even managed to check out a great little scrapbooking shop, and a quick drive down to Bangalow to a favourite shop, Millar and More (who are going online soon, check it out).  Bliss.
Do you journal?  I do, kind of spasmodically.  Do you like this journal?  It's my current one which I totally love.  Hopefully you can read what the cover says, which is why i chose it.

Jane x


  1. Ah, Jane. I *get* it. Completely. They have a stunning set of others in that series, too. Enjoy it, my friend! J x

  2. Sounds like you've had a great time on the Gold Coast. What a cute journal, I find my blog is kind of like my journal these days. Enjoy your weekend x