Saturday, July 9, 2011

around home...

Happy weekend to you.  I hope you are enjoying some sunshine in your part of the world today.  I've been pottering around this morning taking in some of the things I love about our home.

A big bowl of oranges is so colourful, and doesn't it take a while to get them all balanced nicely in the bowl. 
Then someone you love comes along and decides they want juice.  There goes my centrepiece that took so long to balance!  I just keep smiling.

Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air
and life force in the home clean and positive.
Do you have any crystals?  I have some really special ones including this stunning amethyst cluster.  It's about the size of a hand with fully spread fingers.  It sits on my much loved and admired green hall table as you enter our home. 

It rests on a very beautiful linen piece which I picked up in Walcha, NSW, last year.  I bought a few little pieces of linen.  This one didn't have a price on it and when i handed it to the lady, she gave it a funny look and told me i could 'just have that one'.  One persons trash... you know the rest.  I love it.  It's incomplete which leaves me thinking...  I wonder who the crafter was behind this and why it was never finished.  The joys of treasure hunting!

Oh, you want to see my much loved green hall table.

I love her legs, her colour, her presence.  My heart lifts whenever I see her. 
Green is said to be a heart healing colour.  It's works for me!

If you are wondering what the canvas says, here's a close up.  I did blog this a while ago, but I've made many friends since then who may not have seen it. 

my canvas art

Which reminds me, I've promised myself a day of gardening and creating.  I get so involved in reading other blogs and pottering around the place, I lose track of time.  Have a special day.
Jane x


  1. Hi Jane, I love the green table. Like lamp post colour. Oranges are been juiced here daily too.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Hi Jane! Happy weekend!

    Love your green table! It made my heart sing too! I can see why you love it..

    Lovely post!.. Have a great weekend.

    Marnie. x

  3. Hi Jane. I love your canvas art, and that gorgeous linen piece that you picked up just down the road from me!! Your gorgeous oranges really added a lovely touch of colour to what was a cold Winter's day here...thank you for sharing:) Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful ~ Tina xx

  4. that's a huge piece of amethyst! my daughter is interested in crystals and has some amethyst and has given me a few others. i love the colours and would like to learn more. i believe in the healing power of colour.
    cheryl x

  5. I love your table, especially the legs. I haven't seen one like it before. Hope you've had a great weekend.

  6. What an enormous piece of amethyst love love that green glass bowl of yours too xx Ava

  7. Gorgeous post Jane!!!

    I love the green glass with all of your oranges balancing in it - just divine!!!

    I also love the linen that you scored for NOTHING!!! You're right - 1 persons trash is another's treasure...

    Thanks for sharing all of your treasures...

    Jodie :)

  8. I love your green bowl full of bright oranges, so happy and cheery and good feng shui too I read. I have a bowl sitting on my dining table too:)

    That purple crystal is beautiful. I know one little girl in particular who is fascinated with crystals and has a number of them sitting on her beside table. A good friend of mine believes highly in them and I have a few as well. I bought a heart rose quartz when I was in Byron Bay which I love, they are naturally beautiful aren't they. I hope you are having a wonderful week. xo