Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Hi there.  I hope you're having a good week. 

So, today I was sitting in the morning traffic, having just done the school drop-off, and on my way to work.  It took four changes of lights to get me through a major intersection.  I started to get a bit toey, looking at the time, wishing the lights would change.  Then my little inner voice spoke to me.  "Aren't we an amazing society, the way we diligently make our way to work each day, do what needs to be done, for our children, for each other".  It's so true isn't it!  And do you ever wonder about the person in the car next to you or in front of you?  How's their morning been, what's going on in their life, are they happy?  So, instead of wishing the lights would hurry up and change, I used that time to send some love to everyone around me, wishing them a good day.  I got to work when I got to work, as all was well.

Here's my photos for the last few days....

a quick chocolate cake for the lunchboxes

a sleepy girl after the morning gallop

sweet flowers on my walk

giant toes on the big fig at the park

check out these ripe ones!
(not from my garden unfortunately)
One more sleep until Friday! ! ! !
Jane x


  1. I'm waiting for a chocolate to cake to hurry up and cook in the oven so I can go to bed. It is my daughters birthday cake for this coming weekend. I hope yours was nice! And beautiful flower photo by the way!

  2. Cool pics....and love your outlook on your start to the day. Xx

  3. Your sleepy girl looks so much like our sleepy girl.

    A lovely story about your thoughts in the car.

    Have a great weekend Jane. xxoo

  4. Your puppy dog looks very sweet. Those kelpie eye brows get me every time.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.