Thursday, February 13, 2014


Homemade bunting.

Chai on the stove

Sunset 2

Homemade chicken sausage rolls
Yes, another Donna Hay recipe.  Easy peasy!

The Sock Thief strikes again.

Macaroni cheese

A little positive on the new curtain...
Believe in your dreams.

Nearly full.  One more sleep.
It's been a bit of a funny old week for me, hence my accumulation of photos!   As positive as we can try and be, some weeks are crappy.  But I do have some really happy things to share in my next post.  Stay tuned, and please stop long enough to leave me a message and say hello!  I need the love right now.
Jane x


  1. I'm sorry your week hasn't been a good one Jane I hope that your weekend is a happy one. That chai on the stove looks yummy. I've meaning to give making my own chai a try you might have just inspired me. Take care my friend, happy vibes to you. xxoo

  2. I'll try to give you a call this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am sending lots of hugs today. I know how hard the crappy times can be. xxxxxx

  3. How proud am I to be this beautiful girls mother.
    She is the most loving daughter I could have ever wished for.
    Thank you darling for always being there for me

  4. How proud am I to be this beautiful girls Mother
    Thank you for your love and always being there for me my darling

    1. proud to be your daughter Mum. x