Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Egg

It's eggs for breakfast here this morning.  How cute is this?  I know by the colour and size of the egg that is was laid by Sophia.  She sometimes likes to sign her work by leaving the softest of feathers.

I love this quote, via Live Inspired this morning.

'we are made to persist... that's how we find out who we are'.  Tobias Wolff

Good luck to my young man Cooper as he competes in the regional champs in high jump today.  Love and pride aplenty.

Have a super duper day. 
Jane x


  1. must be good to have home grown eggs!
    love the quote & best wishes to your son.

  2. How cute Jane, egg was laid with love. Good luck to your son!x

  3. Good morning Jane...thanks for your lovely message over at mine...xx

    I'm going to return to blogging but am busy setting up my business here and just sorting our little life by the beaches...

    Love your egg...Sophia did GOOOOOOD!!

    Good luck to your boy....

    Melissa x

  4. It is wonderful having such happy hens to lay eggs for you to enjoy isn't it:) I hope that your son enjoy his regionals and that he did well. I hope all is well with you, thinking of you. xx