Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend fun

I hope you've been enjoying your weekend.  We went to the beach yesterday, Bribie Island actually.  Of course we took Dusty dog with us.  She is nearly 14 weeks old now, getting used to the lead, a very good girl in the car, so leaving her at home was never an option. 

I always seem to breathe a little easier when I am near the water.  Do you have a place that lifts you to a higher level?  The water was crystal clear, absolutely stunning.  We had smoko (my bushy husband's definition of morning tea), a stroll along the beach (calm water), followed by very scrumptious fish n chips for lunch.

We then sought out the off-leash beach (ocean side) for the pup to socialise and wear herself out!
It felt like we had been away much longer than we had.  Shows what a bit of quality family time can do to keep the love strong.  All rested and happy.

I hope this week is a good one for you.  I'm taking a few hard earned days off.
Jane x


  1. Dusty looks very cute with that sand on her nose. What a lovely spot you are in there and with the fish and chips it looks like a lovely day out was had by all.

  2. what a gorgeous beach! enjoy your days off.