Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's a girl!!!

I know. I've been missing again.  Sorry.  There's been a lot happening and I've been keeping a secret.  We have a new member in our family.  Take a look....

Introducing.....   Dusty
Isn't she precious?  She is eight weeks old, a purebred Australian Kelpie.  We've taught her to 'sit' already, and after a few sleep deprived nights when we first brought her home, she has settled happily and we don't hear a peep out of her all night.  We love love love her.  It's so nice to have a dog in my life again.  As any dog owners know, a lot of extra work, but worth every minute, especially when you arrive home to a wagging tail!

We are very slowly getting her used to the chooks.  They are still bigger than her, but not for long.  Dusty is growing like a weed.  The other day she got a little too close to Sophia (biggest chook) and Sophia had a defensive peck and flap of her wings at her.  Poor little pup got such a fright and backed off.  I'm sure they'll all be hanging out in the sunshine together before we know it.

The Ekka is on here currently, so am looking forward to the public holiday on Wednesday this week.  We have just acquired two fabulous old squatters chairs, via Gumtree, and Ebay.  So comfortable.  Can't you picture me in my squatters chair, glass of wine, a good book, and my kelpie by my side. 

Have a great week ahead.

Jane x


  1. Oh what a cutie!!! I bet she is being put in her place!! Pups are the best, but those sharp teeth ouch.. Hope you have a great week also.x

  2. I just can't wait to meet her!! The squatter's chair, a good book and a glass of wine sounds like the perfect way to while away a few hours - and yes I can picture you! Enjoy and much love form me. xxxx

  3. So cute Jane. I can picture you that squatters chair! x

  4. she is gorgeous! love the blue eyes. kelpies are lovely dogs.

  5. Hello there stranger;) Isn't your new little addition adorable. There is nothing like a dog to come home too with a wagging tail and a big smile on their faces. Welcome back Jane and enjoy the holiday on Wednesday, it will be nice to have that break through the week that's for sure. xx