Monday, October 10, 2011

Jane creative...

Hello friends.  Thanks for all the lovely emails and commets you have left me recently, and welcome to my new following friends.  A few busy weeks have passed since my last blog.  There have been a few lovely highlights which I though I'd share with you.

I've been creating again,  Here is my latest little piece of art.  Another fabulous Barking Mad card (titled Love Nest) in the centre of the canvas which I have added to with mixed media.  What do you think? 

With a little help from the LOML we've done some tidying in the room we call 'the love room'.  It's a very multi-purpose room which contains the desk where we google and blog from, our library, ironing room, my craft cupboard (whose name is Joy), my sewing cabinet, dumping ground for lost and bewildered items.  You get the general idea.  While I was sorting and chucking, I came across this very old looking little crochet booklet.  I would dearly love to learn how to crochet, some of my dear blogging friends do such amazing work.  Maybe if I can find a crochet hook and some cotton, I could try this little guide to get me started!

A few weeks ago marked one year since the passing of my beautiful Gran.  After her passing, we planted a rose (Peace) in our garden.  I don't think it was any co-incidence that on this first anniversary of her passing, the rose gave us this...

On that special note, I wish you a wonderful week ahead.
Jane x


  1. Look at you getting all creative. Clever thing you are too. Yes, my sharpened pencils (thanks for the comment) will hopefully be dragged out some time this week. I haven't done much drawing this year but hope to make up for that soon.

  2. Fabulous artwork!
    Jane, the peace rose was my Dad's favourite. He grew dozens of roses in the garden in Melbourne and when they were flowering my Mum received a fresh rosebud every morning. Makes my heart sing when I think they were married nearly 60 years when he passed away.
    I know how precious your Gran was to you. This is a very special reminder of the wonderful love you had for each other! Oh yes and just hearing you mention Joy brought a smile to my face. XXXX

  3. That is just stunning, Jane. Bravo you! Keep it up, my friend - creating is so good for the soul, I am finding. J x

  4. what a lovely place you've painted.
    & love your rose/peace/heart. xo

  5. Jane, I'm Jen, LOL from Muddy Boot Dreams, and I am so happy that you found me. Now I have found you, and am happily following your blog.

    What an amazing piece of artwork you have created, I am looking forward to seeing much, much more....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Peace is such a beautiful Rose A great choice for your Gran's Memory. We planted a weeping peach with daffodils under for my Dad. It's a great way to remind you of the beauty of lost loved ones xx Ava

  7. That's a lovely piece of art Jane. I just sent you a link to the YouTube video that helped me learn how to crochet a flower...I'm a visual learner, so YouTube has been a big help! Let me know how it works for you. I LOVE that vintage crochet book, what a great find.

  8. Wow - that really is fabulous. So glad I've begun following ... I like your blog a lot!

  9. Your artwork is beautiful Jane. I love the colours you have used and the way the people are sitting against the trees, you're very talented. How very special is that rose Jane. xo

  10. Oh, it's beautiful, Jane, and I love that you call your craft cupboard Joy!

    What a gorgeous rose to remember your Gran by. xo Gigi

  11. Love the artwork!!!!

    Love the colours and the concept. Simply beautiful! Keep creating :)

  12. Go get a hook and I'm sure you'll get hooked!
    Love your art.