Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday breakfast

So, I have the house to myself for some of the day.  As much as I adore my 'housemates', I do enjoy the solitude.  My brain relaxes and directs my thoughts to me, and what I want to do.  I have come up with another great way to use my Breville sandwich press!  Check this out....

Take two eggs (bless Sofia and Louise for their great work) and whisk with a little water, chop some ham, tomato, cheese.  Put a small dollop of butter on base of Brev.  Not that you need it, but it adds taste and cholesterol!

Pour the egg into the Brev, then run outside with scissors the cut some fresh herbs from the flourishing garden (today I had, shallots, basil and thyme), not worrying if the neighbours see you in your PJ's!
How do you rotate a photo in the blog setup?  Not the best pic, but i'm trying to demonstrate that you then roll your omlette.
Then, voila!  There's your breakfast.  It was just so good, I wish you could have tasted it.

Next, it's time for more tea.  This time I'm going to have some Chai.  Watch and learn...

Start by taking a spoonful of the best loose leaf organic chai tea you can find.  I found mine at T2 (I welcome gift vouchers from that shop any time!!!).  Retrieve husband's mega coffee plunger, give it a good rinse out and add the chai.  Add boiling water and then hover carefully over the plunger and deeply inhale the fabulous aroma.

Find your favourite cup.  Today I'm using my new thermos cup that I bought the other day from one of my favourite new shops at Chermside, called Typo.  They have great stuff at affordable prices, so people like me can indulge in special things! 

Do you love it?  I'm sure this will be a marvellous day. 
Jane x


  1. This cup is hilarious! I love the original saying, but this is even better! Will have to get me one:)

  2. How do you rotate a photo in blog? Don't know, but I go to a free photo editing package on the web called picnik - you can chnage rotation, Mb size and lots of other fun things:)
    Keryn xx

  3. Yum, yum! Reminds me of the delicious breakfasts you cooked for me when we had sleepovers!

    I rotate the photos before I upload them and then have no problems. XXX