Monday, February 28, 2011

For Jane

Does this make your mouth water? 

Yesterday I read how Jane has been craving lemony foods.  That got me thinking about my favourite lemony food, which would have to be lemon butter, even better when made into a tart!  My local bakery do great lemon butter tarts, so to the bakery I went.  Here's to you Jane, in support of your current challenge and your lemony snickert phase. 

There wasn't a single crumb left!
Jane x


  1. wow that looks great. I must try to find one of those. I don't think I could make one I am rubbish at pastry ! xoxo

  2. Hi Jane! I do not have a sweet tooth at all, but Citrus tart is my absolute favourite dessert!! YUM :) How fabulous of you to eat one in honour of the beautiful Jane...!! ~ Tina x

  3. oh this is one of my favourites too!