Monday, November 11, 2013


We have had the great pleasure of working with a very talented young professional photographer, Ash Altmann Photography.  Here is a few special shots taken of our family shoot last weekend.  So technically these are from 44/52!!!
We coaxed my beautiful Stella to take the pony tail out of her hair to reveal her true beauty.  Cooper, my shy boy, looking handsome.  and, Dusty stealing the limelight in this last pic.  Cheeky little miss that she is.
We are crossing our fingers that everyone will get the much needed rain this week.  Our watertank that we use for gardens and car washing has been empty for a few weeks now.
I do hope you have a super week ahead, and I will try and become a regular face again!
Jane x


  1. gorgeous shots! we are getting the rain right now, it's pouring. hopefully it's widespread.

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog. Your photos are gorgeous and I love your kelpie. She looks very much like our Chloe. We had some lovely rain here on the south coast of NSW last night and it's raining again now. We too are on tank water so it is very much appreciated. I noticed on your profile you like Louise Hay and you have Sarah's book. Me too. Hope you get the rain you need and you have a lovely week. xxoo

  3. Wow - what a gorgeous family you have... That hair of your daughters is simply stunning. Beautiful pictures... :)

  4. Oh my goodness....your children are so beautiful...the photographer did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing. Hope your week is blessed with the rain you need.

  5. Beautiful family! This photographer is wonderful - seems to capture the spirit of your children!