Monday, June 10, 2013


It's a public holiday here today, so nice.  The weather is bleak.  Cool, rainy, dull.  I relish days like this.  These are days that I make the inside of my house shine.  Added to the holiday is that I have the house to myself until after lunch, which gives me many hours of uninterrupted time with myself! 
What to do first?
1. have another cup of tea and watch my favourite show on foxtel, 'Million Dollar Decorators'
2. make delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast, clean up kitchen and get dressed
3. pay some bills and tidy the desk to make room for revisiting and sorting all the goodies I bought at the Papercraft expo yesterday.
4. have a cup of tea!
5. give the dog a bone,  too wet to go walking today Dusty! 
6. plan our meals for the week and whiz down to the supermarket.  Do you plan your meals?  Sometimes I do, most often I don't, but I want to do it this week.  Is there a few staples you include in your weekly meals that everyone loves?  is it quick and easy?  could you share please?
7. hhmmm.  I think I will be running out of time in the day by the time I reach number 7 on my list.  Anyway, I have begun the day with a plan and good intentions.   What are you up to today?

Make sure you do something for yourself today, however small, because you deserve it!
Jane x


  1. what a lovely list..
    love to you! xox

  2. Those are my favorite kind of days. It seems like I rarely get to the end of my to do list for the day!