Friday, October 5, 2012

So much inspiration...

Hello!  Happy Friday.
I have the day off today to enjoy whats left of the school holidays and take Miss Dusty to the vet for her 16 week needle.
A little wander in the garden this morning and marvelling at the new fronds on my cycad, sparked inspirational words flitting through my mind. 

Grow, take your time, reach, move to your own rythym, embrace, hold onto what is yours, you are beautiful, unravelling in my own time.

It is so easy to take the everyday for granted. We do need to stop, actually stand still, see and feel what is around us.  I am grateful for so much.

Hello new fronds, I have been waiting (patiently) for you for so long.

Sit!  Good girl Dusty.
Yes!  I made some time to get that canvas out and add a bit more to it.  Here's how it's looking..

I had stuff everywhere!

Have a superb weekend now won't you!  We have a great weekend ahead including a family birthday to celebrate, and a 'dog whisperer' coming to the house to meet Dusty and give us some valuable training tips.

Hugs, happiness
Jane x


  1. nice words! thanks for the reminder to appreciate every day.

  2. Such beautiful words, always inspiring Jane. And Dusty she is such a cutie, I hope all went well with her needles and you learnt some helpful training tips. xx