Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm back!!

Hello friends

Remember me?  I know, it's been ages again.  Have you missed me? 
It's tricky when you haven't blogged for so long.  How far back do I go in news and events?
I think I'll just summarise the things that come to mind.  Here we go...

Health issues.... 
Well, for a long time, probably about two years, I've been feeling pretty lousy.  No energy, foggy brain, breathless, emotional and the list goes on.  It got to the point that I decided I had better go to my doctor and have a check up.  It is pretty typical of me to leave things about two years before going to the doctor.  Do you do that?  Family first, Jane last.  Long story short...  had bloodtest, which revealed I'm actually quite healthy, all bar my iron levels which Dr told me were so low that I as almost anemic.  I was thrilled to finally be able to pinpoint what was wrong.   I honestly do not know how I kept functioning in the day to day way for as long as I had, feeling so low.  As a result of this health revelation, I stopped doing some things, just to give myself some time to 'heal'. Anyway, I'm on the mend now and my thoughts are clearer, my energy levels are up and I'm getting things done that had been neglected for way too long. 

The reading pile... 
I read a great novel which I picked up at a secondhand bookshop up the coast.  "The proper care and maintenance of friendship" by Lisa Verge Higgins.  If you are interested, let me know and I'll post it to you.  I like passing on a 'good read' of which this is one.  Currently reading "Love in complete sentences" by Mary E Mitchell.

Anzac Day
I have attended dawn ceremonies over the years, but this year was different for me.  We spent a few great nights at the coast before getting up early and making our way down the beach to the dawn service at Currumbin Surf Club.  I have a few close connections with people and family who have served and one who is currently serving.  I just had to go there to that place this year and feel the emotion which at times was overwhelming.  I could not believe the number of people walking the footpaths to the beach.  Here's Jane walking along in the dark among strangers, tears rolling down her cheeks and the service was still half an hour from beginning!  The fact that so many people had made the same effort as us.  I wondered what some of their stories were.  Had they lost a loved one, were they carrying their grandfathers medals, was their best friend currently serving?  I'll never know, but I'll tell you what, that morning, last Wednesday, was one of the proudest of my life.  So proud to be Australian.  We all walked down onto the beach, safely and in peace, we were on a mission of our own that morning.

On the home front...
Well the lettuce are just delicious, I've got the crysanthemums blooming, the marigolds are starting to burst open.  The chooks are good, although Sofia is still trying to be beautiful again after her annual moult, poor girl, she was about 1/3 naked for a few weeks, but now the magnificent new jet black feathers are emerging.  Needless to say, a chook cannot moult and keep laying at the same time, so we're down on eggs at the moment.  Louise has kept on keeping on though, good little chook.  She doesn't go through an annual moult at all really.  I'm busy in my little business and happy that I took that small 'leap of faith' at the beginning of the year.

Affirmation for the month of April...
"I share my resources and knowledge with those on my path".  As April is nearly over, it's been good to re-read this months affirmation to see if I happened to be actually practicing what the affirmation said.  I think my experience with my youngens last Wednesday proves to be that I have. So I'm happy. 

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Jane x


  1. welcome back! glad you got your health issues sorted out so simply. i wish i could do that! the fresh eggs must be great to have.

  2. Lovely to see you back here again! Great you sorted out your health issues x

  3. Welcome back! Good to hear that all is well, I am a sook with Anzac day stuff too and teared up just explaining it to my daughter. So special.x

  4. Well hello Jane! So wonderful to have you back. I'm so pleased you worked out that pesky iron issue. I had it when pregnant with India and Sam and it was so ghastly so I really feel for you. Onwards and upwards now! J x

  5. Hello :o)
    poor you but i am glad to hear that you are feeling better, look after yourself.
    happy weekend
    love jooles x