Thursday, January 5, 2012

My January affirmation

Hello dear friends

I've been trying to relax a bit, lie around a read a book or two, get a bit organised for the new year, spend quality time with family.  It's all working!  Today I actually put up my 2012 calendar.  I treated myself to a Louise Hay calendar which features beautiful drawings and positive affirmations.  I'm a huge fan of Louise. Her gentle guidance has supported me and helped me to 'grow' so much in the last decade or so. 

The affirmation for January is...  I am open and receptive to all the good in the Universe.

Are you feeling open and receptive to what lies ahead for you in 2012?

Happy thoughts to you today.

Jane x


  1. A fabulous plan, Jane! Go for it, my friend. On that topic, today I signed up here ( to receive emailed 'Notes from the Universe' which a friend recommended. See if you're interested! J x

  2. ..and I am sure all the great things the Universe has to offer are coming your way! xxxxx

  3. Being open and receptive to good is a great thing! I'd like to think I am open to 2012. Especially since 2011 needs to be laid to rest.

  4. What a great way to start the year! I'm sure tons of good things are on the way!

  5. Oh nice one Jane, love a good calender, definately get your monies worth! Hope all good come to you!

  6. Such wonderful words Jane to remind yourself of each day, I must remember these. May the new year see lots of wonderful things happen for you, Happy New Year Jane. x

  7. This is a good resolution for the whole year! Good luck with it x

  8. lovely post....I too am opening up and saying YES! to the possibility and the good in my life. i found your blog via your comment in painted path and am so happy I did.

    trust the universe

    see the good that is all around me

    thanks for sharing