Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Luck Sam!

I've just read online that Sam Stosur has made it through to the US Open tennis final.  What a wonderful achievement.  Everyone in this house is cheering you on Sam.

Well, the wind has picked up again here this afternoon, but I have managed to get everything planted, watered in and nourished.  Just the mulching left to go, later.  I feel so enriched from being outside today, the warm sun beating down on me, the smell of the freshly dug earth, the huge native bees buzzing around my pigeon-pea bushes.  It really is good for the soul.  My neighbour gave me some bamboo to make stakes and tripods for the sweet peas and beans to latch onto.  They look great if i do say so myself.

My best ever bee photo.  Look at those little wings going.!
I hope the week ahead is happy for you. 
Jane x


  1. love your garden! isn't it great that sam won!!

  2. Digging in the garden is good for the soul:) You did a great job capturing the bee in flight with your photograph, I love lavender too it's one of my favourites. x