Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love...

I've finally got my blogging energy back.  It's been weeks.  I've still been browsing some of my favourite sites, just a little lost for words myself.  Last weekend my little family and I relaxed at the coast for a few nights.  As we sat down to lunch on the balcony on the first day, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  Yes, whales!  Thank you Universe for putting my in the right place at the right time.  When I am by the sea, I breath deeper, I sleep soundly, I go to sleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean, I am at peace.  And me being me, I look forward to the sunrise. 

Check out this very cool (i think) photo of a seagull.

The setting sun.  This is a colour photo.  Almost look B&W doesn't it.

I've been wandering around with my camera this morning, snapping things I love about home....

speak no evil bunny

Favourite teacup and saucer. "Dawn Flight" by Royal Grafton

Introducing Hairy and Whiskas!  They reside on the table of our outdoor setting. 
They love a good BBQ and generally smile at all who enters.

The ancient daybed, wonderful for an afternoon snooze.

Favourite shabby stool.  When it's not holding a teapot,
my big enamel bowl of shells live there.

I've enjoyed some lovely pleasures over the last few days.  Lunch and a spa pedicure with a friend, followed by a browse at a favourite new shop, Karma Living.  I couldn't resist these bath salts, go out and get some, they are worth it.  They even include a little packet of rose petals for you to really create the mood.

The bath salts you have to have.

I hope you've had some happy times over the weekend.  Wishing you well into the new week.
Jane x


  1. Just made me breathe out and go ahhhh! Such a relaxing read. The sunrise and sunset photos are great! Love the seagull too! Can't wait to meet your new friends and have a cuppa with them.....soon! XXXX

  2. Whales! I'm jealous :)

    Lovely bits and pieces that make up your life...

  3. wow...those photos are amazing! the colour in the first is gorgeous. almost makes me want to get up early..

  4. Love your photos, my favorites are of the coast and I agree, the seagull is awesome!

  5. I'm relaxed just reading your post!

  6. Such beautiful, peaceful photos of your holiday Jane, I'm glad you are feeling more relaxed and refreshed it's amazing what a bit of time to breath can do for the soul. Love your two cute little rabbits on the outdoor table. Have a wonderful week. x

  7. Those are lovely outdoor shots! And I do think the seagull is cool! The ocean is so restorative. Nice to see some of your treasures. That is a lovely and unusual cup and saucer!

  8. that seagull photo is AMAZING!!
    love to see what you love.
    so wonderful to "meet" you! xo

  9. What beautiful sunrise and sunset photos, aren't we lucky to be able to just sit and appreciate all that glory!

    Sarah x

  10. What a beautiful post and beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such sweet and encouraging comments. I know exactly what you feel like when you say that you are able to breath deeper by the sea, there is something so calming and soothing for me by the sea as well.

  11. the whales are passing by here too. i must get down to the beach for a bit of a look this week. gorgeous pictures!

  12. Wow, your photos are fantastic. I absolutely love the seagull and the first shot of the sunrise is amazing.