Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope you've found some time for yourself over this wonderful long, long weekend.  I managed to start reading a new novel (The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux) and fall asleep on the old daybed out on the patio one afternoon.  Bliss.  I've also flexed my muscle in the garden.  Photos to come soon.  This afternoon I flicked over to Oprah and enjoyed the Clutter guy Peter Walsh help a family declutter their lives.  While I watched I enjoyed a little bowl of chips and this is what i found. Don't adjust your sets, the photo is a bit blurry!

I've seen so many beautiful blogs where the blogger has found a stone, a cloud, all sorts of things in the shape of a heart.  Do you think i'm the only blogger to every capture a photo of a heart shaped chip?!?  It was sour cream and onion flavour.  One point i need to make... Notice I obviously ate my chips slowly enough to see the shapes i was eating.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Jane x


  1. I've never seen a chip so perfectly heart shaped. Actually I've never seen one remotely heart shaped. Found you over at Jane Hall's blog.


  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for joining me. I'll pop over to your blog for a look too. best wishes, Jane x

  3. Oh wow!.. I love it.. You were so meant to have this! x

    Hope Easter was great.. Sounds divine.

    M. x

    P.S.. How good is Peter!.. Love him. He has been on my show a few times.. & is the nicest man. xxx